Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Driving Simualtors Manufacturers List in India

Zen Technologies Limited
Bel India
Faros India

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Zen Technologies Ltd - Driving Simulator, Driving Training Simulator

ZEN Driving Simulator is a multi-station, classroom driving training simulator. The basic system is configured with a single instructor station and five driver stations. The ZEN Driving Simulator driver station is a low cost driver environment mock up with a LCD monitor for display of individual driving scenes. All the driver stations are networked to a single instructor who controls the sessions and driving exercises individually for each trainee and is able to monitor the trainees selectively or collectively. Customers may choose to configure up to a total of 10 driving stations to an instructor station. The driver station can be configured as a light, medium or heavy vehicle station.

Key Features:
Enhancing driving skills to make a safe driver

Actual/look alike controls at the driver station

Provides intelligent traffic models

Provides environmental fidelities like rain fog snowfall etc

The entire training is composed of lessons in a modular manner with an increasing level of difficulty

The training can be carried out at a pace to suit the trainee

Comprehensive and user friendly instructor station

The training state of each trainee is individually determined and recorded